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Answers to your questions

  • Do you provide in classroom 5 hour class?
    Yes, in regular circumstances we are authorized to teach in the classroom; however, due to Covid 19 Pandemic, now it is only permited by law for any Driving school to provide that class online.
  • What are the office hours?
    Office hours are from 8am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday, and Sundays from 8am to 2pm. Driving hours are from 8am to to 7pm from Monday to Sunday Online 5 hour class is given Sundays from 12pm to 5pm
  • Can I take driving lessons if I'm a beginner or do I need to have some experience?
    Anybody without or with any level of experience can take driving lessons. We are proud that our instructors are proffesionally capable to teach to any person.
  • Why 60 minutes istead of 45?
    After some research, it is proven that 60 minutes is the minimum time for a driving student to develop skills. Less than 60 minutes delays the learning process and makes the time worth less for the investment the student makes. Our programs are pedagogically designed, that makes us different from the rest of driving schools.
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